Redspread Continues at CoreOS

Announcing Redspread joins CoreOS to extend Kubernetes - read more from Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, at

Redspread Screenshot

Simplify the way you deploy software.

Redspread is a collaborative deployment tool for managing environments seamlessly from development to production.

icon-opensource Open Source

Host and manage versioned environments with Redspread, built on top of our open source tool, Spread. Easily collaborate with intuitive workflows.

Kubernetes Icon We currently support Kubernetes configuration.



Always know what’s happening in production. We watch your cluster and let you know when something is different.


icon-check Guarantee

Guarantee parity between different environments and set up a new one by simply pulling from master.


icon-rollback Rollback

Need to fix a bad deployment? Performing a rollback is as easy as clicking a button.



Auditing, made easy. Every change to a deployment is tracked and made quickly searchable by commit.